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What Our Customers Say

Jean has done a few pieces for the McLellan family. We were absolutely delighted with our Schnauzer necklaces adapted to the colours of our pet Schnauzers. My daughters and I were thrilled with them and how Jean was able to show the Schnauzer features in such detail with beads! Also when our special Mini Schnauzer died Jean made special angel or tear drops to put on a chain which contained the hair of our beloved pet such a lovely tribute and memory that I keep close to me. Again my daughters were so appreciative of Jean's talent as they shed a few tears themselves! Jean is also so innovative always striving to look for better ways and colours and materials to expand her repetoire. We thank you Jean and look forward to what you have created next!


Jean has very fine jewelry. Her artistry, design and craftsmanship are evident in each piece.


Thank you Jean for the four unique necklaces I just purchased from you. I know my US family are going to enjoy their new “Touch of Spring “ necklaces. Take care. Looking forward to seeing more “blue” beads. Cheers Joan


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